Why Should Bali Be Your Next Travel Destination?

The Indonesian island of Bali is a mecca for those who seek a relaxing time in the midst of nature. The island is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, countless temples, vibrant culture, mouth-watering dishes, and marine adventures. In short, the island is fully packed to give a fulfilling experience to body, mind, and soul. Affordable foods and accommodations make it a favorite destination for budget travelers. Continue reading to learn why this island is worth every penny you spend on as the next place on your itinerary.

Natural Attractions

Mother nature has been generous in endowing the island with diverse landscapes that are hard to find elsewhere. From volcanic mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, and beaches to gardens, rice terraces, and national parks, the island is a real treat for nature lovers. The marvels of nature in Bali have made it an obvious choice for honeymooners on a Bali honeymoon trip who are looking for a private and romantic getaway.

Delicious Foods

Another compelling reason to take Bali tour packages is its amazing foods. The foods are as vibrant as the land, people, and their culture. They are authentic, flavorsome, and guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. The natives use fresh vegetables and a variety of spices to prepare a range of dishes. Foreign travelers can eat just like the locals at a Warung, which is a small local restaurant. The fact that the foods are available at wallet-friendly prices in numerous places is a bonus.

Island of Temples

Bali boasts more than 20,000 puras or Hindu temples. So, it is unlikely that you travel to the island and yet not visit a temple. Whether it is the architecture of the temples or their mesmerizing locations, these holy places are sure to win the heart of the spiritually inclined. Ulun Danu Beratan, Besakih, Uluwatu, and Tanah Lot are just a handful of the famous temples on the island.

Rich Culture

The Balinese people take pride in their culture and rightly so. You’ll find the influence of India, Dutch, and China on the Balinese culture. The vibrant culture of the island is manifested in the lifestyle of the people, their costumes, dance, music, and other art forms. Strict adherence to tradition is evident in the daily life of the locals, and there can’t be a better way to learn a thing or two about their culture than through vivid first-hand experiences on a visit to the island.

Exciting Nightlife

Just as there are innumerable activities to do in Bali during the day, sundown on the island brings another set of action-packed recreations. Towns such as Kuta are always teeming with revelers, locals as well as tourists, during the night. Beach clubs, DJs, discos, foods, and drinks, every night of the week is filled with colorful sights and sounds. Foreign travelers on Bali holiday tour have only one word to describe the nightlife of the island and that is, it is truly legendary.

Water Sports

Bali has a number of serene beaches lined with palm trees as well as cliffs. Apart from sunbathing, relaxing, and watching beachgoers, the beaches are also the center of marine adventures. You can spend time swimming, surfing, or snorkeling. Padang Padang, Balian Beach, and Balangan are among the popular beaches on the island that attract many visitors every year. You’ll find a number of resorts, spas, restaurants, and other modern facilities along the coasts.

Spectacular Volcanic Mountains

Wondering what a volcanic mountain or a crater lake looks like in real life? You must head to Bali. Out of the total 139 volcanoes in Indonesia, three are in Bali – Mount Agung, Mount Batur, and Buyan-Bratan. If you’re the adventurous type, walk the hiking trails on the volcanoes and get breathtaking views of the island from different vantage points, even as you come into contact with the clouds. This is an experience of a lifetime that you’d hardly encounter in other destinations in the world.

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It is clear from the above why many travelers instantly fall in love with Bali. A magical island with diverse landscapes and the largest Hindu population in Indonesia, it has at least something to offer to every holidaymaker. Man-made and natural wonders, appetizing food, ultra-polite locals, tranquil beaches, and a number of other attractions have made this ‘Island of the Gods’ worth visiting during a lifetime. Take a Bali tour from Mumbai with family or friends and experience all the wonders of the island; you’d certainly treasure it.