Best Family Hotels in Los Angeles

There are plenty of hotels in Los Angeles that can accommodate the whole family. However, only a few can give you and the kids the comfort that you want and the amenities that have a touch of Los Angeles in them. Explore this list of the best family hotels, and you can save yourself plenty of time childproofing your hotel room.

1. Magic Castle Hotel

One of the most kid-friendly hotels in the region is the Magic Castle Hotel. True to its name, the Magic Castle Hotel is where you can see actual magic shows especially during the weekend brunch as it is dedicated to the kids. The 40-room hotel stands next to the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

This is the headquarters for the Academy of Magical Arts. Even if you cannot make it to the magic show, you and the kids can enjoy the pool that is heated 24/7. The bedrooms are spacious, and the kitchens are fit for a family. There are also free popsicles and mini-bar snacks in the afternoon.

2. The Beverly Hills Hotel

This luxury hotel pampers your kids and you as well. The children will receive milk and cookies from the staff as soon …

6 Amazing Places to Work in Canada

It has always been everyone’s dream to find their dream job; to work for a company that values all your hard work and efforts and of course, great pay and excellent benefits. Get your ETA right away because you might have finally found what you are looking for in Canada.

  1. Royal Bank of Canada

With employees of over 50 thousand in Canada and over 80 thousand around the globe, RBC has earned a lot of recognition for being one of the best places to work in Canada. Founded in 1864, RBC has always made sure employees have an excellent healthy lifestyle, equal opportunities, and career development.

They are one of the most diverse companies, going above and beyond to accommodate their employees’ needs. RBC takes initiatives like an in-house wellness program, subsidizing tuitions, internship programs, and other programs to support immigrants, people with disabilities and LGBT+ community. RBC can help you feel most welcome. If you are interested, then better get a Kanada ETA to get you started.

  1. TELUS Corporation

TELUS, Canada’s fastest growing telecommunications provider founded in 1998. They have employed over 53 thousand people up to this day. Their work balance and culture has gained great and positive …

The Best Time Of The Year To Visit Canada

Travelling is one of the best investments for one to gain experiences. Canada is among the top countries that most people would want to visit. However, this country requires either a tourist visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA Canada). Also, there are some considerations on when to best enjoy Canada at its finest.

Weather Preference

Your weather preference affects the time of when to best visit Canada for you. This country has four seasons, but the most famous are winter and summer. Visits during the winter season are favorable during December to early January.  The temperature is not too low, and you could enjoy the snow without fear of getting too cold.

As January progresses, though, the temperature also drops. January is known to be the coldest month in this part of the world. If you want to enjoy their summer season, it is best to plan a tour from September to October. These months are when they have what they call the Indian Summer. Days are not too hot, and the general atmosphere is pleasant enough. The nights, however, can be a bit chilly.

 If you love nature and colors, you can opt to come around Mid-May …

Some Tips On Booking Hotels Online

No matter where you choose to vacation, whether in the country or abroad, there are many things you should consider well, like and renting a hotel or lodging that suits your holiday budget. If you only have a minimal budget to rent a hotel or lodging, then choose a cheap lodging but still in a good environment, comfortable and strategic. Here are some tips on choosing cheap and proper hotels and inns that will help you when you want to book a hotel online, away from holidays day:

Adjust to the needs

Your goal is to find a comfortable lodging or hotel, quality and of course cheap, but do not just think about the cheap course, think about your needs as well. Be sure to choose a lodging that is tailored to your traveling type, what time you are vacationing by way of backpacking or camping or solo travel, vacation with family and other types.


Tips for choosing cheap hotels and inns that are so convenient and comfortable that you stay at the hotel is to see the hotel facilities. Each hotel offers a friendly service but does not rule out if the facilities provided are different from …

The Best 5 Destinations for Sailing Holidays

Holiday’s conjure for most people images of beaches, margaritas, and factor 50 sunscreens. But for many the allure of the coast stretches beyond the water’s edge, out into the open sea. And sailing holidays are getting more popular every year, with the Royal Yachting Association growing by over 17 thousand members in 2017. If you’re thinking about starting or are an old well-salted hand looking for fresh seas to conquer, how about trying some of these destinations for a break from the grind on terra-firma.

  1. Island Hopping in the Adriatic

The coast of Croatia is peppered with over a thousand islands. And with a sea-worthy vessel at your disposal they are there to explore at your leisure. From Pula and Rijeka in the North you can sail over 3000 miles of stunning Croatian coastline to the south, where you will arrive in Dubrovnik, the location for Game of Thrones’ kings landing.

Charters start at around $1,150 but if you want to take your time and really explore without the misgivings of having a charter, there’s really nothing like the feeling of freedom of having your own yacht.

  1. Sailing the U.K.

Expense and time away from work can put many off …