The Best Time Of The Year To Visit Canada

Travelling is one of the best investments for one to gain experiences. Canada is among the top countries that most people would want to visit. However, this country requires either a tourist visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA Canada). Also, there are some considerations on when to best enjoy Canada at its finest.

Weather Preference

Your weather preference affects the time of when to best visit Canada for you. This country has four seasons, but the most famous are winter and summer. Visits during the winter season are favorable during December to early January.  The temperature is not too low, and you could enjoy the snow without fear of getting too cold.

As January progresses, though, the temperature also drops. January is known to be the coldest month in this part of the world. If you want to enjoy their summer season, it is best to plan a tour from September to October. These months are when they have what they call the Indian Summer. Days are not too hot, and the general atmosphere is pleasant enough. The nights, however, can be a bit chilly.

 If you love nature and colors, you can opt to come around Mid-May to late June.  The trees around this time are sprouting new leaves and the summer season has not yet reached its peak.

Tourist Attractions And Activities

Some tourist attractions such as the Niagara Falls and Gros Morne National Park only open when it is the peak season. Also, these tourists spots operate based on the weather because of the activities that they have to offer.

If you are the kind of tourist that has these attractions as your itinerary, June to October are the months for you to go. You have a wide range of activities to choose from such as sightseeing, hiking, whitewater rafting, and picture taking, only to name a few.

However, if you would want to experience skiing, snowmobiling, and dog sledding, January to March are the best months to go. These months also give you the highest chance to witness a widespread phenomenon and a dream that most people want to see, the Northern Lights.

Influx Of Tourists

Some tourists enjoy having many people around while some would rather have quieter and less busy surroundings around them. If you are the kind of tourist who would enjoy the company of others, you would want to go during July and August.

These months are dubbed as the peak season, every tourist spot is brimming with people ready to enjoy the sights and the company of others. December is also an excellent time to enjoy the culture of this country because of their holiday season.

Families from other parts of the world come to experience the festivities that Canada has to offer.  However, if you are the kind of tourist that wants to enjoy the tourist spots with a smaller number of people around, you may want to consider the months of September and October.

The volume of tourists is low. Thus, you could enjoy the attractions without having to go through a crowd of people. You will feel more serene and would enjoy Canada in the company of your friends or family.

Cheaper Rates

If you are the kind of tourist that is concerned with the fares and accommodation rates, September and October are the best months for summer travel. Prices are lower as compared to the peak season. For winter travel, January is the month to go. This month is the coldest month.

Therefore, there is the least number of tourists and prices are the least expensive. That is if you are willing to brave the icy weather.   For peak seasons, booking ahead of time translates to cheaper rates. Prices tend to shoot up when scheduled abruptly because of the scarce availability.

A Must-Have Before You Go

Canada is indeed a beautiful country to behold, but they are also strict with the entry of tourists. Make sure to have a tourist visa or to process your Canada eTA application. The latter is for those countries that are exempt from getting a visa to gain entry in Canada. Examples are travelers holding a Canadian Visa UK. These processes will ensure smooth travel and a wonderful time in Canada.

We gain first-hand knowledge through personally experiencing the different cultures around the world. Canada is a vast source of experiences concerning varying weather conditions, beautiful spots, worthwhile activities, and chance encounters with different people. It is indeed a beautiful country to include in the list of your ‘Must Visit Places’.