The Best 5 Destinations for Sailing Holidays

Holiday’s conjure for most people images of beaches, margaritas, and factor 50 sunscreens. But for many the allure of the coast stretches beyond the water’s edge, out into the open sea. And sailing holidays are getting more popular every year, with the Royal Yachting Association growing by over 17 thousand members in 2017. If you’re thinking about starting or are an old well-salted hand looking for fresh seas to conquer, how about trying some of these destinations for a break from the grind on terra-firma.

  1. Island Hopping in the Adriatic

The coast of Croatia is peppered with over a thousand islands. And with a sea-worthy vessel at your disposal they are there to explore at your leisure. From Pula and Rijeka in the North you can sail over 3000 miles of stunning Croatian coastline to the south, where you will arrive in Dubrovnik, the location for Game of Thrones’ kings landing.

Charters start at around $1,150 but if you want to take your time and really explore without the misgivings of having a charter, there’s really nothing like the feeling of freedom of having your own yacht.

  1. Sailing the U.K.

Expense and time away from work can put many off going too far away from home. But the U.K. summer months can offer some of the most beautiful coastlines and sailing in the world.

The south coast English Channel offers access to too many beautiful sailing spots to name on the South Coast, with highlights being surfers paradise Newquay and further out the stunning Isles of Scilly. The Scottish coastline is routinely voted one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. Wales is home to many water sport resorts and sailing spots such as Abersoch and Cardigan Bay, and the Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland is a firm favourite with sea faring holiday makers.

  1. Learning the Ropes

If you’ve never hoisted a sail in your life, why not combine a sailing course with great weather and food in Greece? Both Corfu and Athens offer beginner and intermediate sailing courses, and in Greece your never far from ancient history, culture, and great food!

Closer to home the U.K. has some fantastic beginner courses to get you out on the water, and for the more ambitious potential sailors the International Yacht Training school has courses running in almost any destination you can think of.

  1. Family Sailing Holidays

It goes without saying that you must keep your wits about you when sailing, and families with young children may be put off by the inherent dangers of being out at sea.

Fortunately, many destinations such as Bermuda have marketed themselves not only as sailing hotspots, but as perfect locations for spectators.

This year sees the Americas Cup hosted by the Caribbean Island nation, making it the perfect place to peak the kid’s interest in a lifelong passion for sailing from the safety of the harbour.

  1. Luxury Sailing

If floating about on an onshore boating lake isn’t exactly what you had in mind, there are a tonne of options to get out on the water with all the lavish excesses of A-list celebrities.

If your pockets are deep enough there is always the option to purchase your own vessel. This will give access to some of the most exclusive holiday destinations on earth. Whether you fancy  Monaco, Ibiza or a private Caribbean Island, the choice will be entirely yours.